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VR & Real-time

Extending clients communication through web and interactive, our VR & Real-time services allow rapid design evaluation of ideas and engage customers

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Our Virtual Reality Demo is made specifically for the property industry. Experience all the latest techniques and get a solid understanding of its current, and future, opportunities and gain insight to how your practice can use VR cost effectively. Call us now on 020 3117 2580 or send an email to

True VR experiences

Created with a real-time engine, a true VR experience will track the viewer's position, head rotation, yaw and even eye movements. The ability to explore an environment from your desk or at room scale enables greater spatial understanding and awareness.

True VR experiences are those that enable the user to have control over the story unfolding before them. This provides a greater sense of presence of being within an environment than any of the entry level 360 static experiences.


VR Testimonials 

"We were completely blown away by the capabilities of the software to allow us to step into the spaces we so lovingly create for our clients. This technology has endless possibilities in allowing clients to experience in detail the design of their homes and eradicate any concerns over significant construction or design details that they otherwise could not visualise.

We look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with the Glass Canvas Team."

- Ros Wilson, Owner and Creative Director, Roselind Wilson Design


"Our staff enjoyed a superb, hands on, demonstration of Glass Canvas' new totally immersive VR capabilities and the emerging technology that supports it. It's definitely the way forward.

The demonstration, which lasted about 30minutes, followed a very precise 'on screen' presentation, by Andrew, of the projects that Glass Canvas is working on and an explanation and overview of their latest visualisation techniques which we're delighted to say included some of our own projects.

This proved to be a great experience for our staff, who seemed more than eager to participate in what, for many of them, proved to be a new and memorable experience."

- Frank Green, Partner, buj architects


"I’ve known Andy for years, from our days together at Foster and Partners, and it’s no surprise that he’s at the leading edge of technology within the visualisation world.

Glass Canvas gave an informal VR presentation to our London studio recently, outlining where the technology started, what is possible today and where the technology is leading towards in the future. We all had fun wearing the headsets and are now looking for real applications where we can engage our Clients in this, ever evolving media ‘space’.

- Ian Bogle, Founder, Bogle Architects

360 Imagery

We create 360 content for use in architectural or property tours. Viewed either on screen, the web or smartphone they are a quick & cost effective method for engaging with your customers. Using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headsets is a fantastic way to engage your audience, and create a memorable experience that is likely to be shared and talked about.

The example below is for London Luton Airport, who asked us to create 360 images of their new terminal building. Utilising Gear VR headsets in the departure lounges, customers can experience the airport's future transformation.


360 Animation & Video

With the power of 360 video you can tell a pre-defined story but still allow audiences to choose their own viewpoint. 360 videos are best viewed using a headset for an immersive experience, but can also be presented on screen by any compatible computer or smartphone.

The example below is our 360 Video reel which we created to test the theory of recreating sensations. The waterslide journey takes you on an epic tour of some of the landmark projects we have produced over the last 15 years.


Real-time applications

VR & Real-time applications operated by a game controller or standard keyboard & mouse allow clients to interactively explore a space on screen. This can be tailored to control the flow of the virtual tour, and the spaces that can be explored. We can also build in options for the design team or client to review, such as interactively changing materials or objects within the environment.

Below is an example from our Queen Anne's Gate project.


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Why Us?

We have been involved in real-time projects since 2011 and have built up an enviable client list.

Most of all, we never settle for ‘good enough’. We rethink, we rework, and we don’t stop until we’ve turned your vision into something vivid and compelling.

This is one of the reasons clients trust us with their toughest projects and their most ambitious concepts.

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