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Promo films

Utilising VFX, aerial filming, location filming and 3D camera tracking techniques, we add that extra dimension to help make all the difference to your architectural short films.


"Let's create a human story to portray how your unbuilt design will be used and experienced"

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Green Screen Filming

Architectural animations tend to focus on the design aspects of a project, but often lack the human story. By involving actors that are woven into the film, it helps portray how architecture & property is used and experienced.

We plan promo films and each shoot through storyboards and animatics. We arrange crew, studio & equipment hire. Our team could be DOPs, camera operators, sound, grip, make-up artists, gaffers, sparky's, runners and of course, the talent; usually a model or actor, but we have hired voice over artists, dancers, and even a animals and children!



Visual effects (abbreviated VFX) is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in film making.

Having the ability to rotoscope, create particle effects, and even camera track 2D or 3D footage, motion graphics provide us with unlimited opportunities to be creative.


Post Production

Services such as editing, compositing, sound design and grading are all crucial tools we utilise as part of the production process.

All key tasks are at our disposal in our Kings Cross studio, ensuring an efficient and competitive process.


Aerials & Location Filming

Capturing the environment around us from the air is incredibly rewarding. We are experienced in aerial photography and filming from either helicopter or drones, and we plan each shot using pre-visualisation, taking account of lighting conditions, logistics and composition to create the perfect result.


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Why Us?

We work with architectural practices, spanning smaller boutique outfits to international brands. We also work with award winning interior designers and marketing teams of all shapes and sizes.

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve produced with our clients, and of the strong partnerships we’ve developed with them along the way.

Our clients & collaborators

3D Reid, 5Plus Architects, Adam Architecture, Adjaye Associates, Aecom, Aedas Arts Team, AFL Architects, Aitch Group, Argent Design, Allies & Morrison, Atelier London, Barratt Homes, BDP, Bedford Borough Council, BUJ Architects, Catalyst Housing Group, Candy & Candy, Charlton Brown Architects, CID Interiors, Clearbell Capital, City & Docklands, Davy Smith Architects, Duncan Miller Ullmann, Essential Living, Exton Estates, Fabrik, Foster+Partners, Four Communications, Gaunt Francis, Genesis Housing Association, Gensler, Green Park Reading, Heritage Architecture, HKR, Hill Residential, Ian Ritchie Architects, Jefferson Sheard, Landview Properties, London Square, Linden Homes, Make, me&dave, Meadow Residential, Monmouth Dean, Mullaley, Nshama, Panter Hudspith, Peabody, Perkins+Will, Philosophy Design, Reef Estates, Savills, Scott Brownrigg, Sherrygreen Homes, SOM, The Greater Cambridge Partnership, Westhill UK, Weston Homes, Wolverhampton City Council and Yahn Lykoria.