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27 February 2019

Heath & Safety Training using VR

Aggregate Industries approached Glass Canvas to develop a virtual reality application to improve participation, engagement and the effectiveness of their health and safety training events.

The application includes plant machinery accurately scanned in 3D using photogrammetric techniques to enable familiar details, working environments and site scales for employees to experience.

Whilst wearing a VR headset, tracking technology allows each user to identify potential hazards in real-time and at real-world scales.




Over 350 participants took part in training sessions across different sites, scoring one point for each hazard they noticed simply by looking at it. Individual scores then being measured and assessed session-by-session.

Application benefits include:

- Reduced business costs compared with legacy training methods
- Improved retention & awareness of vital H&S information
- Site scenarios are accurately recreated
- Results are measurable
- Training is scalable & fun

Watch a session video below taken from a user's point of view...

By offering immersive interactivity through virtual reality, Glass Canvas health & safety training applications have tangibly improved the effectiveness of Aggregate Industries' workplace hazard awareness training. We continue to collaborate.

Client: Aggregate Industries