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Queen Anne's Gate

Illustrating the inner life of a stunning city home

28 Queen Anne’s Gate is a Grade 1 listed townhouse overlooking St James’s Park. Although the building has been restored, it retains some exquisite period features – making it evocative, elegant, and incredibly desirable.

We showed how a buyer might make the property their own, all while staying true to the building’s invaluable and inimitable character.

Client: Atelier London

Atelier London had been working with Hawkins Brown to develop some interior designs for the property. Their plans were very particular. And they needed some CG images that would bring every detail to life.

We met with the designers several times. As well as talking through their designs, we looked through their mood boards and examined all the materials they wanted us to visualise - from the cool marble of the shower room to the buttery leather of the armchairs. We discussed the properties of the materials, the movement of the fabrics, and how they reacted to light and shade.

With modern ways of working, this kind of face-to-face time is sometimes overlooked. But we think it’s invaluable. In fact, we believe it makes the difference between imagery that looks lifelike and imagery that looks truly lived-in.

In creating the images, we had a challenge: populating the rooms with stylish new elements while highlighting the beauty of each 18th century feature. We’d already taken reference photography of all the period features. We used this to recreate the detail accurately.

Look at our image of the staircase – as well as a richly-coloured carpet runner, you’ll see the knots, scuffs and imperfections that have been around since the 18th century. We paid the same attention to the gorgeous Georgian paneling, to the delicate architraves and cornicing. And we made sure everything harmonised with newer elements such as the custom-made walnut flooring. After we’d created the images, we worked with the designers to develop them.

This is a crucial part of the process. It’s when stakeholders see visuals for the first time – when questions are raised, alternatives are suggested. We can help designers not just to refine the images but to refine their ideas.

We also produced a real-time tool for the HTC Vive & Oculus VR headset which was configured to review specification options for the kitchen and also material variants for the dining table.

One of the many reasons this project was a success was that we worked so closely with the interior designers.

In essence, we became part of their team. And although we were working to their vision, not ours, we were always ready to bring new suggestions and solutions to the table.

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