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Joseph Giles

Visualising thousands of pieces of complex craftsmanship

Joseph Giles supplies high-spec architectural hardware to prestigious addresses around the world.

Their desirable doorknobs and door handles come in many luxurious finishes, from pristine polished chrome to unlacquered brass and bronze.

Their team needed to create an image library featuring every product. But with hundreds of products, each with eight to ten possible finishes, there were over four thousand images to be made – too complex a job for a photographer to take on.

We captured every line and curve of Joseph Giles’ craftsmanship.

The client provided a spreadsheet, listing each product and its various finish options.

We then developed a computer code, or ‘script’, that would help us organise everything on the spreadsheet.

Starting with the first product, the script imported some geometric data from the client, to create the product’s shape.

Then the script applied all the relevant finishes, automatically assigning the materials from the material library, before rendering, renaming and organising the files.

Of course, we don’t believe code can crack the whole brief.

There was a creative and artistic challenge, of capturing the products’ beauty and elegance.

We spent a month developing a ‘materials palette’ to use in our images. This helped us bring out the character of the materials – the warmth and age of waxed antique brass, the cold clarity of polished stainless steel. And we paid attention to the detail.

When viewers look at an image, they might just spot an imagined fingerprint in the light dancing on the metal.

It meant that, in a matter of weeks, we could create over four thousand product images for the Joseph Giles website.

Visitors can search easily, by product or by finish, to find the piece that is perfect for them.

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