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Glasgow Lifestyle Outlets

A promotional film that offers you an exclusive preview of plans for a premier retail vision on the Clyde.

Client: Peel Lifestyle Outlets
Collaborator: Chapman Taylor

Glass Canvas has visualised Peel Lifestyle Outlets' new mixed-use, riverside scheme in a promotional video that offers an insight into its vision for Lifestyle Outlets Glasgow.

The video outlines the scheme’s context and gives a wee glimpse of the mix of uses proposed for the area. Watch their designs unfold in the video below.

The £100 million development will create a 33,000m², mixed-use riverside district as part of the wider, Chapman Taylor-designed Glasgow Harbour masterplan.

As Scotland's premier Outlet Centre, it will include over 100 retail outlets, restaurants and cafés, a cinema, Clyde waterfront promenades, public squares and spaces for curated events.

The scheme is designed to attract people from diverse demographics, with a wide range of leisure options to ensure that the district is active throughout the day and evening.

Lifestyle Outlets Glasgow is forecast to create thousands of jobs and inject £45 million per year into the local economy.

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