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We’re meticulous about everything we do, from the technical specs to the subtlest details. But we don’t just present your idea in an accurate way. We reveal its true character. Because when the whole thing really lives and breathes, you can explore it, experience it – and be inspired.

We’re always looking for new ways to define your unseen world. We rethink, we rework, and we don’t stop until we’ve turned your vision into something vivid and compelling.

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Andrew Goodeve, Founding Director

As Founding Director, Andrew works across all aspects of the business: creative direction and film production, project management, and business development. His expertise in product design means he can direct his team in styling and selling concepts effectively. And his experience in architectural practice means he understands exactly what his clients need from Glass Canvas.

Andrew spent his early career at a 60 strong architectural practice in South London, where he built a new 3D department within the business. Afterwards, he moved to Foster + Partners, where he worked on iconic architectural projects such as Wembley Stadium, Berlin’s Reichstag, and The Gherkin.


He set up Glass Canvas in 2001, aiming to take the high-end processes that were only available to large architectural practices and make them available to everyone in the industry. With todays democratisation of the software and hardware Andrew now looks to impart his knowledge and experience in image making. Outside work, Andrew is an FA football coach and can be found most weekends in the pouring rain introducing our youngest players to the beautiful game.

Bill Nuttall, Technical Director

Bill is an experienced 3D Artist and technical troubleshooter. He uses his architectural expertise to turn the most abstract architectural concepts into credible 3D creations. He also ‘makes sure Andreia isn’t hogging the render nodes’.

After gaining a degree in Architecture from Kingston University, Bill completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town. This gave him the serious architectural knowledge that clients really value.


Bill is something of a details man. Perhaps that’s why he enjoyed the Joseph Giles job: creating thousands of computer generated images, showing hundreds of different products in a range of different materials. He’s a fan of the visual arts too. He studies all kinds of artists, from Renaissance painters to leaders in the field of computer graphics.



Glen Austin, Director

Glen runs the Sheffield studio and has over 20 years experience in the visualisation industry.

After completing his Product Design degree in Leeds Glen’s first position was as a CAD Draughtsman before upping sticks and moving to London to head up an in-house visualisation team within an architecture practice. From here Glen went to work for Saatchi & Saatchi before moving back to Sheffield in 2004 to set up his own Visualisation company.

When not at work, Glen makes the most of living on the doorstep of the Peak District, exploring it with his son, his dog or on his bike. He also has a love of Film and Music, he’ll be making the annual trip to Glastonbury again soon.


Jonathan Weston, Art Director

As well as creating CGI, Jonathan leads on animation work – from storyboarding and editing to grading the finished product. He also runs our projects day to day.

Previously he had worked with other visualisation houses including Virtual Artworks, Oaker and Squint/Opera. Having trained and worked as an architect, he knows what clients expect and how to deliver it.

He loves visual arts and printmaking, and his short films have been shown at international film festivals. He’s also busy with a part-time PhD at the University of Cambridge. All these things help expand Jonathan’s creative vocabulary.




Andreia Neves, 3D Artist

Andreia started her career as an architect developing international projects, from luxury residences and well-known brand stores, to churches and shopping malls. Her passion for 3D visualization developed and she gained a second MSc degree in 3D visualization.

Her quest for 3D beauty brought her to Glass Canvas, where she is expanding her skills and creating impressive imagery. From Lisbon, to Kista (Sweden), Cambridge, and 5 years in Barcelona she found her way to London where she enjoys bouldering, taking pics around the city parks and planning her travel adventure.


James MacDonald, 3D Artist

James graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Plymouth University. After traveling the world, from Asia to South America, James worked for Architectural and interior design practises in Devon and London. This background has proved to be an invaluable experience and the technical and design know how is utilised daily.

James now focuses his passion for architecture and interior design in the Arch Viz world. Outside of studio hours James enjoys photography and plein air painting. Now located in Sheffield you might find him painting the Peak District or on top of some distant hill taking photos for his CGI work.




Vitalios Donoukis

While studying in the civil engineering faculty Vito discovered his passion for 3D through video games. Several years of creating amateur mods , which includes a totally unaccredited but awesome work on Dawn of War, has given him a good understanding of the 3d pipeline and specifically 3d modelling. Following his passion for 3D , he chose archiviz as his field of work since it's the only field that would allow him to experience all aspects of 3D.

When not playing video games Vito spends his free time advancing his knowledge of 3D through participating in competitions and working on personal projects and of course creating mods for video games.

Ryan O'Donohoe

Ryan's love of creating things initially took him into the world of computer games development, where he briefly studied 3D modeling in the program Maya. Amazed and inspired by the freedom of CGI he vowed to further study it at Bournemouth university, earning a BSC in CGI with a focus on architectural visualization.  Having previously been with Pixel Flakes & Uniform Ryan joined us in February 2021.

During his free time he can be found camping in the wilderness of the British countryside; where he will no doubt have his camera with him, taking photos and inspiration for his next piece of CGI artwork.




Kristina Visgirde, Accounts & Admin

Kristina keeps everything running smoothly at Glass Canvas, making sure all the numbers add up along with the administration of the studio. After completing AAT level 3 course in Accounting Technician at Pitman, Kristina joined the team at Glass Canvas where Kristina is curious, always up for challenge, self - motivated all with a positive attitude. Outside work Kristina enjoys dancing and fitness.

Why us

Since 2001 we have been collaborating & trusted by award winning architects, designers & agencies.

Our artists have trained & also practiced as architects, so we understand the nuances & technicalities behind every project.

Your project will benefit from us continuously pushing the creative boundaries of our work.

Your visualisations will profit from our interpretation skills, creative experience, efficient service & advice.

You will receive 3D renderings, Animation, Promotional film & VR content that will help you meet your objectives.

Our clients & collaborators

3D Reid, 5Plus Architects, Adam Architecture, Adjaye Associates, Aecom, Aedas Arts Team, AFL Architects, Aitch Group, Argent Design, Allies & Morrison, Atelier London, Barratt Homes, BDP, Bedford Borough Council, BUJ Architects, Catalyst Housing Group, Candy & Candy, Charlton Brown Architects, CID Interiors, Clearbell Capital, City & Docklands, Davy Smith Architects, Duncan Miller Ullmann, Essential Living, Exton Estates, Fabrik, Foster+Partners, Four Communications, Gaunt Francis, Genesis Housing Association, Gensler, Green Park Reading, Heritage Architecture, HKR, Hill Residential, Ian Ritchie Architects, Jefferson Sheard, Landview Properties, London Square, Linden Homes, Make, me&dave, Meadow Residential, Monmouth Dean, Mullaley, Nshama, Panter Hudspith, Peabody, Perkins+Will, Philosophy Design, Reef Estates, Savills, Scott Brownrigg, Sherrygreen Homes, SOM, The Greater Cambridge Partnership, Westhill UK, Weston Homes, Wolverhampton City Council and Yahn Lykoria.


Bringing ideas to life takes intelligence and creativity. It also takes outstanding software and hardware.

Working from our connected London & Sheffield studios we have an on-site render farm: a multi-node collection of rack-mounted computers, all in a specially cooled room. So, as well as their personal workstations, our 3D Artists have the added firepower of potentially hundreds of networked CPU cores, to help them create work much faster. After office hours these machines complete render jobs, from interactive virtual reality panoramas to multiple frames of animation.


We’re always looking for great people to join our team. If you think you’ve got the skills, creativity – or the potential – to help our clients see the unseen, then send your best work to We’d love to hear from you.